The Trainers

Over 35 Years

Of Fighting Experience

Buddy Mellott

Buddy Miller is a physically fit young man that has trained with Terry for about 10 years. He's an experienced amateur boxer and he is a very knowledgeable coach.


Boaz Gregory

Gregory has been training with Terry for about 6 years. He's an experienced amateur boxer and coach. His number one priority is physical fitness.


Terry Nye

Terry Nye is a 65 year old Vietnam Vet with over 35 years experience in the fight game. He is an 8th degree black belt in Moo Duk Kwan. He started out karate point fighting with over 100 rounds. He also fought in 66 amateur kickboxing fights, 35 semi pro kickboxing fights, 6 bare knuckle fights and 11 professional fights. He trains his students right with a lead-by-example philosophy. At 66, Terry is in better shape than most 20 year olds.

"If you want to compete, I have the contacts to get you the fights that you need to build your career. If you really want to be a champion, you must be willing to train like a champion, let me help guide you the correct way. We are all getting older, right now is the best time to start working on that out of shape body. I bust my butt everyday, trying to keep up with these kids, It's never ending." - Terry Nye

We Support Veterans

Nye's Gym is owned and operated by veterans. We have a high regard for the men and women who have served this great country and we do our best to support them.